We first met her at the breakfast table of the vintage property hotel, situated on the ends of Assi, Benaras.

“Hi! How long have you been here?”,

Thanks for recommending ‘Sir’ to me. I loved watching it , and my mother, I think she is still reeling in the after-effects of watching it. She’s a Chinese immigrant in the US with her heart in India”

“ Need more recommendations?”

“Yes, but not the ones that are either…

Maya came late to the introduction class that day, a reputation she kept alive on most days through the entire course, than not. I was scourging through ‘a perfect seat’ in the class, somewhere that would give me a good view of the Professor, the black board and the well…

He stitched pencil bags for me from recycled coloured rainbow-like silk and cotton fabric and got them along on his perennial quarterly visits to our house, in Patna Saheb. I remember every time, he would say, Titli, (as he lovingly named me, in short for butterfly) and asked me with…

Georgetown Law’s Summer Experience Group of 2019–2020 dines and celebrates successful completion of their course (Dated : August 02, 2019)

I’ve shed my emerald shades, but your side is no longer green

like it used to be, then, within the realm of all colours

of a fiesty red and a chripy yellow

of benevolent blues and earthy browns

you were that colour

in the build and the break

my hits…

Haseeb, Dona and Clifin (L-R) celebrated Christmas on Day 8 of their journey in Tamil Nadu, India

Just wanted to update you, we have now crossed the Indian border and have been asked to self quarantine for 14 days.”

“Quarantine”? I inquired without ado. Arguably, the most used English language word for the past two months has a capability to arouse a rain of emotions.

My conversations…

“They say it does not have a bottom. Somewhere down in the middle , some circling force pulls people in, or so it is believed.” “Five people died?” “ Or they went to the other side of the lake, beyond the bottom!”


I laugh at myself sometimes, thinking about…

At the Museum of Women in the Arts, she said. I had not seen her for a while, and would not be running into for our customary once a week classes, so, despite the snow and biting cold, I decided to make it there. The museum culture was big for…

Brown, no actually brunette colored hair, face shrunk enough to make believe he was closer to his sixties, upright straight, and in a uniform. He was a commercial Pilot. Wait, isn’t the description enough? For years, it has always been about these men in uniform and how extraordinarily fit they…

She tells me ‘romance’ is just a phenomenon, that it is all just in my head, that I should get rid of it. Yet, she writes about her continuous and ongoing affair with romantic settings, places and scents. Some may have to do with people, some have just outgrown from…

Shivani Goel

The world of stories is a probability after all!

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